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Lifetime Warranty

We at Mylightingsource want to make a commitment to our customers by providing a LIFETIME WARRANTY on products from our top brands. This is an exclusive offer from Mylightingsource and is not something provided by the manufacturer. You won’t find this offer from other retailers. Mylightingsource is not only committed to providing the best customer service, but also to offering the best incentives to make your shopping experience the best possible. Please find the list of included brands below.

To request a warranty replacement, please contact our Customer Service team by email: or toll free by phone 1-866-561-5119

Quoizel Lighting: Started 3/9/2016

The Details
The Lifetime Warranty applies only to the brands participating in this special warranty.
The lifetime warranty applies to all fixtures purchased on or after the specified date for each manufacturer. Mylightingsource will not honor any claim for improperly installed fixture(s) or when modifications outside the manufacturer’s warranty have been made. No charge backs or charges for labor or materials will be honored. The lifetime warranty does not apply on orders over $2,000.

The warranty applies against all defects in workmanship, assembly and materials used in the products and also against leaks. We will repair or replace, at our sole discretion, any products that fail to operate due to a defect, excluding the free replacement of glasses which have become damaged due to mishandling, improper installation or use, or resulting from extreme acts of nature or the free replacement of lamps which may have been provided with certain fixtures. Finish fading and rust on outdoor lighting fixtures due to environmental factors are excluded from this offer.

For warranty claims or further questions regarding Mylightingsource’s warranty policy, contact or toll free by phone 1-866-561-5119